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Review of Fuerle’s Pure Logic of Choice


In 1986 Richard Fuerle published a book, The Pure Logic of Choice, which “was welcomed by the Austrian establishment (Rothbard, Kirzner, etc.) like a scorpion in a sleeping bag.” Ironically, 1986 was when I was working on the early chapters of my own book, Axiomatic Theory of Economics, including Chapter Two, “Epistemology.” If Rothbard had not been such a coward and had just reviewed Fuerle’s work instead of blacklisting him (as he would blacklist me a decade later), I would have read the review and bought the book. Instead, it waited until now, 2006, for a philosophy student to contact me and ask for my opinion on Fuerle’s book.

While The Pure Logic of Choice is twenty years old now and Fuerle has, in the meantime, retired, it is never too late for a review. Hopefully, we will not have to wait until the year 2019 for someone to defy Rothbard’s blacklisting of me and review Axiomatic Theory of Economics. But, even if I am retired by then, I will still welcome a review, as Fuerle welcomed hearing from me.

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