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Thinking of quitting your job to start a business?

A wild ass saw a pack ass jogging along under a heavy load and taunted him with the condition of slavery in which he lived, in these words: "What a vile lot is yours compared with mine! I am free as the air and never do a stroke of work; and, as for fodder, I have only to go to the hills and there I find far more than enough for my needs. But you! You depend on your master for food and he makes you carry heavy loads every day and he beats you unmercifully." At that moment a wolf appeared on the scene and made no attempt to molest the pack ass, owing to the presence of the driver; but fell upon the wild ass, who had no one to protect him, and without more ado made a meal of him.

Moral: It is no use being your own master unless you can stand up for yourself.